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How does weather cause migraines in Calgary

Winter has hit Calgary and so has the Migraines! With this transition most unique conditions we see in clients are severe migraines due to the constant ups and downs in regards to weather in Calgary.


Some of the weather conditions and triggers include:

  • Bright sunlight
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Sun glare
  • High humidity
  • Dry air
  • Windy or stormy weather
  • Barometric changes in weather
  • Chinook
  • Alcohol consumption

The overall cause and reasons for migraines are still quite a mystery. Some studies show and link them to neurochemical imbalances in the brain leading to associated conditions; but a more unique theory that makes the ambiguous nature of a migraine more sense is that the body having a natural defensive reaction to changes in external environment, that some people are more sensitive to. Learn more at

“Its a combination of both theories happening in succession of each other simply put firstly the body recognising the environmental change thus subconsciously creating a defence due to sensitivity, thus the chemical reaction occurs within the brain which varies person to person then finally the manifestation of physical symptoms which can be easy to deal with or debilitating leading to the interference of day to day activities” says Mr. Storm Dawson, RMT

Sinus and Migraine massage treatment is designed to thoroughly understand each individual focused on meeting their different therapeutic needs due to weather change by combing these principles also including Chinese Acupressure points to treat common affected areas of the shoulders, head, neck and face to provide relief of associated symptoms.

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